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Pass Policy to Require Acceptance of Rental Subsidies for All Housing Developments Receiving City Funding

Dear Madam Mayor/Councilmember/Commissioner,

I believe that if a family can provide a legal and verifiable form of rental payment, it should not matter where those funds come from. 


Source of Income Discrimination (SOID) drastically impacts the ability of Charlotte-Mecklenburg families to find safe, stable, and affordable housing. This issue impacts the entirety of the housing continuum and greatly hinders family upward mobility by decreasing access to available housing in neighborhoods of opportunity, and often relegates these same families to neighborhoods which are likely to be isolated by race, household income, and poor performing public schools.


While state legislation would be most straightforward, it is not feasible at this time. We know that SOID is uniquely a Charlotte-Mecklenburg issue and requires unique Charlotte-Mecklenburg solutions.


I ask that you take a bold stand by supporting a policy that includes ALL housing developments receiving city/county funding. A policty that includes ALL housing funded by public dollars will ensure that ALL new units are available to qualified residents on a non-discriminatory basis, regardless of their lawful source of income.


With rising rental costs, stagnant wages, and the growing shortage of affordable units available in the City/County, it remains important now and in the future, to allow residents who rely on lawful sources of income access to ALL publicly funded units, not just the limited number of units that are designated as “affordable”. I believe such a policy will more successfully meet the needs of those who are reliant upon lawful non-wage sources of income, as well as the growing number of families reliant upon the various local rental subsidy programs which were specifically designed to increase housing choice in the private rental market.


Thank you for your courage in these tumultuous times and for your support of amending the proposed policy.


In the text box below, type your thoughts, concerns and how you stand on the issue to your elected officials.
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